Rentfresh was built from the ground up as a bespoke property management company

1 Lorrimore St, Macgregor

Welcome to Macgregor’s Best Family Home Within 3 Minutes to Market Square. An Unrivalled Opportunity to Secure a Luxury Home in a Sought after Position. Offering an expansive modern design & floor plan, master built excellence & available for lease for the very first time.

The Problems

  • the local sales based agency appointed a commission based business development manager to initially list this stunning property for lease. The owner only heard from the agent once per week, didn’t provide any feedback & was unskilled with dealing with Exective level tenants. The property did have professional photos but was not correctly pitched to the most acquire tenant type.

The Solutions

  • Rentfresh was appointed to work alongside the sales based agency - who ever secured the tenant was going to be awarded the opportunity to manage the property. That to which Rentfresh has successfully been doing for 18 months and two tenancies laster. Keeping in mind the owner actually lives next door and his mum lives behind, so tenant selection was paramount.

What we achieved & how

  • Within 48 hours of launching a bespoke & fresh campaign including 3D virtual furniture which look the marketing to the next level, showed cased how the property could be styled & how to maximise your lifestyle as a tenant at this address. We received multiple application and choose 2 professional couples to share the home on one tenancy as the home has 5 bedrooms with 5 ensuites. This enabled us to maximised the asking price and secure a record result for this pocket of Macgregor.

Floor Plan

Bespoke Results - Case Studies

  • Agent one had it vacant for 3 wks costing the landlord $1,050 in vacancy.
  • Rentfresh listed and leased in 3 days
  • A bespoke campaign attracted the Niche Tenant this property needed - fast.
  • Major sales franchise causes 9 weeks vacancy at $1,100 p/w
  • Rentfresh engaged as second agent & creates a bespoke new campaign
  • Rentfresh secures quality tenant at $1,150 p/w with in 3 day + $2,500 p.a increase
  • Local agents appraised at $575 per week
  • Rentfresh secured $4,680 p/a above local agents
  • Quality tenant secured first open home
  • Local agent has 11 weeks / 77 days vacant
  • Rentfresh brings a new bespoke approach
  • Quality tenant secured within 6 days Vs 77 days
  • Low cost agent model cost -$3,000+ in vacancy
  • Sydney Landlord appoints Rentfresh Bespoke
  • Rentfresh increased p/a income by 25% and within 7 days of listing
  • Local agent leaves vacant for 6 weeks
  • Rentfresh appointed as second agent
  • Quality tenant secured first open + $20 above local agents price