Rentfresh was built from the ground up as a bespoke property management company

Did you know that you can appoint a second property manager to help you find a high-quality tenant for your property at no extra cost?

Rentfresh will work alongside your current property manager to speed up your tenant search and start generating rent A.S.A.P.

Best of all, it won’t cost you a cent extra and it could save you thousands in lost rent.

The process is called “dual listing” and it’s a little-known leasing strategy where two agents compete to find you a suitable tenant.

Since you only pay the successful agent, there is no extra cost. You cannot lose.

How Does “Dual Listing” Work?

Simply enquire now and let us know you’d like some extra help finding a tenant.

  • Introductory Phone Call

    Once we receive your enquiry, a Rentfresh property management expert will be in touch (usually within 1-2 hours during business hours). We’ll find out a little bit about your situation, and if we both agree we’re a fit to work together, we’ll explain the next steps.

  • Marketing & Leasing Review

    Next we’ll review your current agent’s leasing strategy to pinpoint what’s not working and why. Then we’ll deploy our proven “Tenant Attraction Blueprint™”. This is a ten-part leasing plan to maximise your property’s online visibility, increase inspection attendance, generate more applications and select a great tenant. Every day that your property is vacant is costing you money, which is why we leave nothing to guesswork.

  • Notify Your Existing Agent

    We’ll courteously and professionally communicate with your existing agent on your behalf. (Remember, there’s no need to terminate them unless we find you a tenant that you approve.) If required, we can work with them to arrange access to the property for photos and inspections. You won’t have to lift a finger.

  • Schedule Your First Inspection

    With your new leasing campaign live, it’s usually only a matter of hours before a prospective tenant schedules an inspection. Unlike some property managers who only schedule one inspection (and hope that time works for everybody), we provide a flexible online inspection booking system. Plus, we’ll create a 360° virtual property tour.

  • Review Tenant Applications

    It’s fast, easy and convenient for tenants to apply for your property. We process applications on the same day that they’re received so you never have to worry about losing high-calibre tenants to another rental. Your property manager will walk you through each application and provide a recommendation around next steps.

  • Approve Your New Tenant(s)

    Once you’re satisfied with a prospective tenant, we’ll let them know that their application has been accepted. At this point we’ll issue a transfer of management from your previous property manager and assume the management of your property.

  • Three Months Free Property Management

    Once you have found a great tenant, we’ll manage your property for three months for free. It’s our way of saying welcome to the Rentfresh family!

What Happens If Your Existing Agent Finds A Tenant Before Us?

If your current agent finds someone first, you simply continue working with them and don’t pay us a cent. No hard feelings 🙂

Who knows, maybe dual listing is the gentle nudge they need to straighten up their act and rent your property faster. Either way, you start generating rental returns again at no extra cost.  

Rentfresh’s Twin “Vacancy Eliminator” Guarantee

And just in case you had any lingering concerns about dual listing your property, rest assured that you are covered by these two guarantees…

Guarantee #1

If we don’t find you a suitable tenant, you pay us nothing.

In the unlikely event that your existing property manager finds a tenant before we do, you won’t pay a cent. And you can go on using your existing property manager.

Guarantee #2

Get three months FREE property management

Once you have approved a tenant, we will manage your property for 3 months at no cost as our way of saying welcome to the Rentfresh family.

You have nothing to lose by dual listing your property, but you do stand to rent your property faster. Simply enquire now using the form below to get started.