Is your property Vacant and going without a Return?

The BIG problem is that your current agent (most likely a large sales based franchise with a side interest in property management) may not necessarily be working to stop your loss of return each week in rent.

In addition to the above, maybe your current property manager doesn’t share your concerns about looming or current vacancy because they don’t have real life investment experience.

Or perhaps you’re simply not confident that your property manager has a unique strategy specifically designed to maximise your return and minimise your vacancy for your property.

You’re right to be concerned… your agent is costing you money

Extended periods of vacancy can undermine your rental returns and have serious implications for your cash flow, causing stress and worry.

Despite what you might have been told, there is something you can do about it. The marketplace is full of high quality tenants seeking a property like yours.

With the help of a leasing expert armed with a systematic leasing process, you can kick-start your rental returns, fast.

Finding tenants is not rocket science

(when you know how)

Finding a tenant who cares for your property and pays rent on time is not difficult by any stretch of the imagination. It’s a simple numbers game. But if your current property manager doesn’t know the rules of the game, you’re unlikely to win. It isn’t rocket science…

Understand the statistics that make you money

Some property managers only list your property on one or two sites to try to save on costs. In actual fact, it just limits the reach of your property advertisements and means many tenants never even see your ad. That’s why we list your property on over 4 property portals as standard.

Write an effective advertisement that ‘sells’ your property

To put it bluntly, most property ads aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. The property advert we write for you will highlight the key selling points for your property and appeal to your ideal tenant. Naturally we’ll accompany all this with high-quality professional photography.

Make it easy for tenants to inspect and apply

These days, tenants have the luxury of browsing thousands of properties online in a matter of minutes. If your property manager makes them jump through hoops to inspect and apply, these tenants will quickly cross you off their shortlist. We allow tenants to instantly book an inspection of your property 24/7 at a time that suits them, reducing vacancy by up to 50 percent.

Use inspections as a ‘selling’ opportunity

Most agencies get their junior staff to handle leasing inspections. Others simply give out keys for tenants to inspect at the landlord’s peril. We insist on sending senior leasing professionals to ALL inspections. This gives us the opportunity to reiterate key property features and prompt potential tenants to act quickly. The market is competitive and every day your property is vacant it’s costing!

Follow-up with potential tenants

Believe it or not, most property managers never follow-up with the tenants that inspect your property. We think that’s simply unacceptable – especially if you’re enduring vacancy. In our experience, a simple follow-up phone call produces an additional tenant application in approximately 1 in 3 cases.

Process applications, fast

Time is of the essence when it comes to processing applications. In most cases, we assess applications and send on our recommendations within 24 hours. Anything longer and you risk losing your prospective tenants to another property.

Quickly find high-quality tenants and rent your property

at the best possible price.

Is renting your property to high-quality tenants, at the best possible price and ensuring a stress-free property investing experience for the duration of your lease is important to you?If so, you need to choose a “landlord focused” property manager with the specialist skills and infrastructure required to produce thea results you want.

Rent My Property!

You’ve Tried The Rest, Now Try The Best.

If you’re serious about maximising your rental returns and you don’t have time to micromanage the person you’re paying to do that, you need to speak to us. We’re a team of highly skilled “legends” – offering you the benefits of over century of combined experience – we aim to WOW! Over the past decade, we’ve rented over 2500+ properties across South-East Queensland. So it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about renting properties quickly to high quality tenants.

Many of our team members started their careers within the confines of large sales-based franchise groups, but it wasn’t long before our passion for customer service and results drove us to pursue an entirely new approach to property management.

We believe there’s not another property management company out there that shares our purpose to be the first “landlord focused” specialist service that truly maximises your rental returns and provides a genuinely stress-free experience. We are putting the “fresh” in a “refreshing” difference.

Our business is geared toward YOU, the property investor

Rentfresh property investors enjoy a single point of contact and you can bet the person on the other end of the line will have a ton of experience producing results for investors like you. They’ll be at your beck and call.

That’s not just lip service. You’ll have their direct phone number and email address and communicating with you is their number one priority. Others in our industry have called us renegades (like that’s a bad thing!). We wear that title as a badge of honor. We’re here to single-handedly transform the spotty reputation that some property managers have earned over the years.

What makes Rent Fresh different?

Here are just a few of the unique services we use to produce stress-free bottom-line results for our property investors:

Avada Admin

Utilise ALL Major Real Estate Portals

means more tenants see your property online, producing more high-quality tenant applications

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Online Inspection Booking System

allows prospective tenants to book an inspection for your property at a time that suits them

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24/7 Emergency Repair Line

reduces unnecessary tenant call-out fees and inflated weekend rates that can be solved over the phone 24/7

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Regular Realtime On-site Routines

Landlords told us that their past experience included delayed if not at all received routine reports with or without photos, maintenance items and recommendations for additional property care and improvement – we changed that, experience the difference.

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Automated Maintenance Request Process

to ensure all repairs are taken care of quickly to reduce unnecessary costs and tenant concerns

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Experienced Property Managers Only

you’ll never have to worry about working with an inexperienced junior clutching a ‘Guide to Property Management’ manual

Here are just a few more reasons we think you’ll like working with us..

    • We focus EXCLUSIVELY on property management and as a result, we’re very good at it
    • We believe in people, relationships and expertise. Our team is passionate about what we do – which is why staff turnover is so low
    • We are “landlord focused” property specialists– everything in our business is geared toward making your life easier, you are our priority
    • We are leasing specialists because higher rents and lower vacancy is key to maximising your rental returns
    • We embrace 24/7 technology and use it to improve our communication, leasing and property management processes

    Every day your property sits empty is costing you money, act now!

    To find out more about what makes our approach to leasing so unique, we invite you to join us for a FREE Vacancy Analysis. Alternatively, if you’re interested in discussing transferring the management of your property, contact us today and we’d be happy to handle the entire process for you.

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