Rentfresh was built from the ground up as a bespoke property management company

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Is Your Vacant Property Costing You Money?

There’s nothing worse than knowing your investment property is empty.

Every day that goes by is costing you money and you could wind up hundreds or even thousands of dollars out of pocket.

Maybe the ‘expert’ you pay to manage your rental returns doesn’t share your concerns. If so, you probably feel frustrated and powerless.

Do you stick with them and hope they straighten up their act? Or move on to another property manager and pray that they do a better job?

Fortunately, there’s another option…


We’re business people too, so we understand how busy you are. Here’s our elevator pitch in 30 seconds.

In business, change is the new normal. That’s exactly where our bespoke services thrive. At Rentfresh, we see change as an opportunity, and we’re ready to do the same for you through powerful marketing campaigns that eliminate vacancy & maximise your return.

We are not “different” we are the difference..

Our team has spent their careers in the eye of the storm. The digital revolution only continues to advance but not dominate, we still believe in knowing you & you knowing us, but that’s how we like it.

With all of this fuelling our every day, we continue to find winning combinations that power up our suite of clients properties to be Brisbane’s top performing in rental yields & capital growth champions.

And let us tell you, it’s a view to die for from the top.

Rentfresh Is A First of It’s Kind – Property Managers As Business Owners! 100% Invested Interest in the outcome & performance of your property, our landlords rate us 15x higher than the industry average, as we create a service to to meet your needs not to meet a trainers 348 page manual on “how to manage property right”…

Unlike most real estate companies who focus on selling properties and only manage properties on the side, Rentfresh is a specialist bespoke property management team.

Brisbane landlords, why pay fo mediocrity when you could be paying for performance and returns …? 2023 is your year to rethink who managers your property to ensure you are protected by new laws, have an agent pro-actively in pursuit of maximising your returns whilst provide nothing short of 5 star communication. Stop paying more for less & join Rentfresh Bespoke today.


Michael Feletti

Bespoke Agent


Rentfresh landlords enjoy these 10 unique benefits…

100% Business Owners as Property Managers. No outsourced support teams. Direct contact to your property manager when you need it.

A bespoke approach with care, intuition & intelligence to maximise your properties performance.

Free 10-part Rentfresh Tenant Attraction Blueprint™ valued at $996 for finding and securing high-quality tenants, fast

15X higher landlord satisfaction than Industry Ave. It's all in the communication.

Premium leasing initiatives as standard inclusions (360° Virtual inspections, 24/7 inspection booking system, digital 3D property dressing, feature ad listings).

Latest technology streamlining all facets of property management, from marketing, reporting, leasing, real time maintenance and rental disbursements.

Unique “No fee” leasing guarantee for new management, we work for FREE unless we find you a high quality paying tenant.

Small property portfolios (120 max) to ensure professional and personal service by property managers as business owners.

7-10% per annum rental increases are our goal for you.

"We are not different" we are the difference". Founder Michael Feletti.

Ready to see how our full-service bespoke agency in Brisbane can deliver you the results you’ve been missing?

Or Schedule A Chat With Michael Feletti, Vacancy Expert

We Help You Lease Your Property And Maximise Your Rental Returns

We are property management specialists. That means we have the people, processes and technology in place to lease your property faster with little-to-no vacancy.

Don’t just take our word for it -- check out these head-to-head results

Retraction & Apology Notice as at 24th May 2021
Rentfresh Pty Ltd T/as Rentfresh Property Management would like to retract a previously published on-line statistic similar to the ones published below where by Rentfresh claimed to have rented a property in Springfield Lakes sooner than Tessa Residential & with more applications than Tessa Residential. Rentfresh acknowledges this was an error, that information was not true & indeed Rentfresh was not the agency that Rented the property, Tessa Residential did. As such Rentfresh apologises to Tessa Residential for it's wrongful admission.

The Representation was misleading and deceptive. and Rentfresh apologises unreservedly to Tessa. Regards Rentfresh

Location Previous Agent Days On Market With Previous Agent Rentfresh Result
Hamiton Boutique 26 Days Vacant 3 Days, 2 Applications Rented by Rentfresh
  • Compare ’Before & After’ Leasing Photos
  • Daisy Hill Ray White 18 Days Vacant 8 Days, 4 Applications Rented by Rentfresh
  • Compare ’Before & After’ Leasing Photos
  • Chermside West Harcourts 47 Days Vacant 3 Days, 4 Applications Rented by Rentfresh
  • Compare ’Before & After’ Leasing Photos
  • Redbank Plains Professionals 38 Days Vacant 3 Days, 7 Applications Rented by Rentfresh
  • Compare ’Before & After’ Leasing Photos
  • Our Promise To You…

    “Don’t Pay Us A Cent Unless We Find You A Tenant Faster Than Your Current Property Manager”

    We will work alongside your current property manager to speed up your tenant search and help you start generating rent again sooner.

    The process is called “dual listing” and it’s a little-known leasing strategy where two agents compete to find you a suitable tenant. You don’t have to terminate your existing agent. You don’t even need to tell them.

    If you approve the tenant we find, we’ll take over the management of your property moving forward. We’ll even give you 3 Months Free Property Management as our way of saying welcome aboard!

    If your current agent finds someone first, you simply continue working with them and don’t pay us a cent. (Who knows, it could be the gentle nudge they need to straighten up their act and rent your property faster!)

    Either way, you start generating rental returns again at no extra cost.

    Dual List Your Property And Amplify Your Tenant Search Today

    Our 10-Part Rentfresh Tenant Attraction Blueprint™
    (Yours Free - Save $996)

    Never again leave finding a tenant to chance.

    View Live Listing Now!

    When you join Rentfresh, you’ll immediately benefit from Brisbane’s most sophisticated and bespoke property leasing program, including:

    Professional ad text that sells the features and benefits of your property.
    The ability for tenants to schedule in-person inspections on demand 24/7.
    Professional photos & videography of your property’s interior, exterior and surrounds. View Property Video Here
    Get greater visibility on with a premium ad listing.
    Strategic rent review and independent rental appraisal.
    Same-day application processing - neverlose a tenant to another property.
    Virtual 3D property furnishing & decor of each room featured in your online photography.View Live 3D Staging Here
    Digital-first team using the latest technology to make your life easy.
    A 360° virtual property tour so tenants can inspect your property online.View Live 3D Tour Here
    Proactive advice to maximise your rental returns at every step of the process.

    Plus you'll Get...

    3 Months Free Property Management

    Once you approve the tenant from the applications we generate, it would be our pleasure to manage your property for three months at no cost (as our way of saying welcome to the Rentfresh family)

    That’s More Than $996 In Value, Completely Free When You Dual List Your Property With Rentfresh

    Or Schedule A Chat With Michael Feletti, Vacancy Expert

    Join These Happy Property Investors

    Rated 4.8 out of 5 for happiness

    According to a recent survey, Rentfresh Landlords are 15x more likely to recommend their current property manager to a friend or colleague (compared to the Australian average).

    Isn’t it time you enjoyed a stress-free property management experience?


    We love how you are looking after our property and keep us up to date with what we need to know.. great service!


    We appreciate your professional prompt attention to all matters related to our investment properties. Thank you!


    Very professional service.


    Very good management. Had differences and resolved professionally. No issues with management and maintenance of property. Commends Sarah for prompt actions.


    Very easy to deal with and all questions are answered clearly


    So far everything has gone ok and I know Sarah went to a lot of effort in trying to sort out the air conditioning warranty


    Sarah is worth her weight in GOLD! Bloody brilliant service.


    Sarah is amazing, the team always ensure they provide me with the best outcome


    Sarah does a great job! She keeps me updated, takes initiative, is considered when addressing issues, is responsive, helpful, diligent, respectful and approachable.


    Rentfresh have been managing my Redbank Plains property since June 2019. During this time Sarah Johnston has been my property manager and operates as a thorough, professional and efficient manager. She is articulate and knowledgeable in every aspect of property management. Michael Feletti has also assisted be greatly with his wealth of property management skills and experience. Consequently I recommend this Company to other property owners in the future as you’ll appreciate and be guided by their professionalism. (Rob owner of the property since 2008)


    Property managers at Rentfresh are efficient and maintain my properties to a high standard.


    Proper work and hassle free.