• Rentfresh was built from the ground up as a specialist property management company, focused on delighting you at every opportunity.

Here are eight reasons why you’ll love working with us…

Reason #1: 100% Landlord focused property management specialist.

You’ll enjoy peace of mind in knowing that every person in our organisation is focused solely on property management. Unlike other businesses that have a property management department to support their real estate sales business, we spend all day, every day recruiting Queensland’s best property managers, investing in technology to make your property investment experience easier and streamlining our processes to ensure your property is looked after like only we can. However, we go one step further & place our landlords as our #1 focus, after all you are our employer & we are here to be of service.

Reason #2: Queensland’s leasing and vacancy experts

– minimising vacancy by up to 50%

Vacancy is stressful and can have serious financial implications for you and your property. The Rentfresh Rent Maximisation Process is a structured approach to strategically and systematically reducing vacancy by up to 50%, attracting high-quality tenants and maximising your weekly rent – fast. We still do everything else a normal property manager does; we just think it’s really important to give special attention to avoiding downtime at all costs.

Reason #3: Property Managers as Business Owners

An Invested Interest: Here at Rentfersh we have engineered our company differently from the ground up to provide specialist dedicated property management services. As such, we don’t just hire every day property managers as employees, we sift, sort, interview and engage with the industries best to offer them a unique opportunity to become business owners within their portfolio of property they manage.Yes, that’s right. Your property manager has used their own capital to earn the right to manage and retain your property and you as landlords for life.

Reason #4: KPI incentivised service 

As an invested partner in portfolio, your property manager earns an income based off the performance of there portfolio. Higher rents, lower vacancy, strict lease renewal deadlines and communication response management creates an income return rarely seen in this industry, giving Landlords a stronger and more mature approach to property management for investors.

Reason #5: Wide reach across Brisbane and the Gold Coast

As much as we embrace technology, we also recognise that sometimes, there’s no substitute for face-to-face conversations. That’s why we have flexible office locations across Brisbane, Gold Coast and also interstate.  Our network of 11 offices gives your investment property more exposure by creating a ripple effect throughout the marketplace.

Reason #6: Maximising rents by up to 7%-9%

Having rented over 5000 Queensland rental properties throughout our team of specialists, we understand what it takes to maximise your rents per year by between a rental increase of 7%-9% by simply ensuring your property is only ever available to rent in the peak seasons. Knowing what it takes to negotiate longer or shorter tenancies that work in your favour, minimise your vacancy and maximise your return is our commitment to being a landlord focused property management specialist.

Reason #7: Experienced property managers only…

not “fly by nighters”

We get it – you don’t want to entrust one of your greatest assets to a rookie property manager clutching a ‘guide to property management’ manual. So, it’s for this very reason that believe in ensuring you have the highest level of trained staff that specialise in key areas of the day to day management of your property, that are “seriously committed” to long term relationships and wont just disappear into the night, over night. Every single member of our team has extensive property management experience and many are property investors themselves.

Reason #8: 24/7 innovative technology to make your life easier

Technology is revolutionising the way you interact with your investment property and we think you’re going to like it.  24/7 Innovative tools like our online inspection booking system, property maintenance request app and flexible rent payment processes dramatically reduce the likelihood of common problems that other agencies face on a regular basis. Better still, we’ve also invested in technology that allows you to view inspection photos and videos and all your crucial documentation online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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