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So I gather the big question you are searching for as a prospective new Landlord to Rentfresh is HOW DO WE COMPARE TO OTHERS?

Here at Rentfresh we like to do things differently, so we went beyond the norm to bring to you real results, real reviews & real transparency into what our current Landlords of Rentfresh actually think and feel about us as their current managing agent. This information will better allow you as a consumer of services to better evaluate Rentfresh against our competitors to decide who is a stronger, more viable alternative to your existing property management service provider before making that every important decision to entrust them with your greatest investment.

So, how did we do it? We used just 1 number to determine the results. It’s called the NPS.

What is an NPS?

An NPS is a Net Promoter Score which is a scale that ranges from -100 (yes minus) to +100 and measures how willing your customer base is to recommend your services to their friends or family.

“How likely are you to recommend Rentfresh to your friends and family?”

Net Promoter Scores are then established based on the criterion that each one of our clients fell into as below:

Promoters 9-10

Are devoted customers/Landlords to Rentfresh who are literally raving fans, who can’t fault us, who are positive promotors to their friends and family & continue to rate Rentfresh services highly.

Passives 7-8

Are happy customers for sure, but not as vocal about our brand as our promoters. They are often lured away by the promises and temptations of our competitors to only find they were oversold to an inferior low cost service.

Detractors 1-6

For whatever reason, are averse to our brand or find themselves dissatisfied with our services or products yet remain customers for now.

How to Calculate a NPS Score

A Net Promoter Score is a scale that ranges from -100 (yes minus) to +100 and measures how willing your customer base is to recommend your services to their friends or family.


Here’s how you calculate it

Let’s say your business has 75% promoters, 15% passive, and 10% detractors. You would simply subtract your percentage of detractors from your percentage of promoters in order to calculate your Net Promoter Score.

75% – 10% = a Net Promoter Score of 65

Your Net Promoter Score is an amazing metric for calculating customer loyalty. Namely, it narrows the scope by which a survey participant can consider their satisfaction by basing their placement within your set scale on their answer to one question: the probability of referring your business to their loved ones.

So How Does The Property Management Industry Rate?

As per the 2018 Australia NPS® Industry Benchmarks by www.customermonitor.com (Per.Ceptive) – Download Report Here, Property Management Services in Australia has a -6 rating compared to an account at +6, Dentist at +7, Optometrist +13 & Electricity companies -18 & Lawyers -22.

The Rentfresh NPS Results for 2018 Are In:

We are delighted to announce that Rentfresh scored an industry breaking record of +81 NPS from Landlords surveyed.

That is nearly 15 times higher than our very own industry average of just -6 NPS for property management services in Australia.

This info graphic shows the breakdown of responses as % scores.

Further to this, here are just some of the real reviews from Rentfresh landlords that came from the NPS survey of 2018.

Since we moved our properties over to Renfresh we’ve been extremely happy with the level of service provided by all staff. It has been professional, friendly and timely. The quality of the maintenance provided has again been a refreshing surprise in both the quality of the work, the speed in which it was carried out and the final cost. So nice to have a good relationship once again.
Cause our property is well maintained and looked after as their own and most importantly we are kept updated.
Efficient, friendly, communicate well, proactive and obviously care for clients properties. Great to deal with.
You guys are just awesome! Great teamwork where required. Sarah has been great looking after our properties.
Please don't go anywhere. Hats off to Michael for backing up.
Always keep me informed. Prompt reply to emails. Proactive management of my property. Thanks
Quickly secured a new tenant after taking over from our former Real Estate Property Manager.
Rental statements received on time and any queries dealt with in a timely manner.
Smooth sailing, no problems. Good job.
You are going all right . Sarah on the ball. 9? Well nobody is perfect :)
Very happy with the service, always well informed and updated all the situation via to my email. Looking forward to your service many years to come.
Many thanks,

Paul & Jessica
Efficient and keeps me informed with everything. Regular inspections.
Always get a quick response and feel that we work as a team. Sarah is great, she strives to keep things moving forward and always beautiful to deal with.
Prompt management of issues. We live remotely and it is important that we feel our property manager is on top of things.
Ability to locate potential tenants and finalise leasing.Very good and timely communication with property owner. Very good and timely problems resolution. Very good and timely administration.
This rental experience has shown us that this Company makes all efforts to have the rental process run smoothly & if there is any problems, they are followed up professionally and quickly keeping in mind all parties.
The staff go out of their way to assist both the tenant and owner. They are friendly, efficient and nothing is too difficult. I would highly recommend the team.

Please note that upon request all reviews can be verified as true, correct and exact as per review from landlords at time of survey.

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