We show Brisbane property investors...
How to Eliminate Vacancy and Start Generating Income
 from Your Investment Property Within 24 Hours of Listing.
Request a free over-the-phone Vacancy Analysis today and
 discover why your property isn’t renting and what simple changes you can make to attract high quality tenants, fast.
Our 7 minute Vacancy Analysis gives you practical tips to...

Attract high-quality tenants FAST and incentivise them to inspect your property in-person A.S.A.P.
So you not only increase the likelihood of renting your property, you also improve your chances of doing it much sooner.

Increase the average number of applications per inspection and prompt tenants to take immediate action
This means you have more applications to choose from, providing you with a greater selection of high quality tenants.

Maximise the weekly rental amount that tenants are prepared to pay without causing extended vacancy
The simple law of supply and demand tells us that if more people are interested in your property, you can generate higher rents.

Is your vacant investment property
costing you money?
...Despite what your current property manager is telling you, there is something you can do to find a high quality paying tenant sooner.
Over the past 10 years, property management specialist and business owner of Rentfresh Property Management, Michael has personally listed and leased over 2250 vacant rental properties across South East Queensland & is unrivalled in experience, results and communication.
In this time Michael has cleverly recognised five key factors for troubleshooting vacancy and renting properties 3 times faster than his closest competitors, when other agents simply couldn't in an effort to start generating you a return on your investment.
Introducing the “R.E.N.T.S.” Formula for Eliminating Vacancy
For the first time ever, Michael is sharing his insights and approach to leasing the properties that other agents cannot on a 7 minute one-on-one call, free of charge.

On the call Michael will apply his proven “R.E.N.T.S.” formula to your individual situation and identify opportunities to rent your property sooner.

"R" is for REVIEW PRICING...
The #1 reason properties fail to rent is because the price is too high or too low. If you set your price too high and you’ll attract desperate tenants that could cause problems in the long-term. Price too low and tenants may overlook your property completely.

Is it easy for tenants to find, inspect and apply for your property? Tenants can easily view hundreds of properties online these days within minutes. If it’s inconvenient or unnecessarily complicated to view or apply for your property, they’ll simple move on to the next property.

How many nearby properties are on the market? How much are they renting for? And are they also experiencing vacancy? These questions will help you determine if the issues you’re facing are unique or due to a wider market factor.

"T" is for TARGET MARKET...
Are you effectively reaching your target market? This means ensuring your advertisement is listed in all the places your ideal tenant will be looking. It also takes into account the fact that your ad will fall down the list of search results over time and may need decisive action.

Very few property managers know how to write advertisements that effectively sell the features and benefits of your property and trigger an emotional reaction from your ideal tenant. Does your ad do a good job of selling your property?

Understanding and enhancing each of these factors allows you shrink your vacancy periods and increase your rental returns.

Claim Your Free Vacancy Analysis Today
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If you’re having difficultly renting your property, we invite you to schedule a FREE Vacancy Analysis with our property management specialist Michael Feletti.

The analysis is conducted as a no-obligation 7 minute call which provides a thorough deconstruction of your current property manager’s marketing of your investment property, exploring each of the five factors of vacancy.

On your call, Michael will help you pin-point the areas of your leasing strategy that require realignment and provide concrete tips to help rent your property faster.

Rest assured that this is NOT a thinly veiled sales pitch - the information we provide on this call can be immediately actioned to produce an instant improvement to your property’s marketing and maximise your return promptly.

Due to the depth of preparation required for each call we are limited to eight appointments per week. Request yours today to avoid disappointment.

Another week of lost rent (avg. loss $450.00) vs a 7 minute phone call to a specialist who has personally turned around the returns on over 2250 vacant rental properties for property investors Australia-wide and overseas.

 Think Big - Start Small - Act Now.

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