• Information and education are key to a successful property investment strategy. That's why we've put together a collection of free resources for savvy landlords. This list of resources will continue to grow over time - so please visit this page again on a regular basis.

  • Fresh Results

    You can see our latest results, the rental prices we've acquired, the number of tenant enquires we've received, as well as statistics related to our exceptional work!

  • Free Vacancy Analysis

    If you’re having difficultly renting your property, we invite you to schedule a FREE Vacancy Analysis with our property management specialist Michael Feletti. The analysis is conducted as a no-obligation 7 minute call which provides a thorough deconstruction of your current property manager’s marketing of your investment property, exploring each of the five factors of vacancy.

  • Online Rental Appraisal

    Now you can find out if your property is renting at the right price using our Free Online Rental Appraisal tool. The whole process is quick and easy and there’s no need for intrusive on-site inspections.Simply provide a few brief details about your property and one of our property specialists will use real-time market data to provide our independent opinion of what your property should be renting for.

  • Ebooks

    As part of our landlord tools, we have created 100% FREE ebooks to help you get the best returns, the best tenants, and the best property managers!

  • Entry Condition Report

    The sample entry condition report is unmatched in detail and professionalism to protect you against unfair claims that many agents encounter upon vacate due to poor quality Entry Reports from time poor Property Managers who ultimately cost you money. We hope this can help you!

  • Blog

    Here you can find plenty of articles we've written to help you with everything related to your property!

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