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8 Eveleigh St, Arana Hills

Welcome to 8 Eveleigh St, Arana Hills. Nestled perfectly amongst the lush canopy of trees, this home offers a sense of serenity & solitude often sought & rarely found. A quiet location, yet effortlessly close to the modern-day conveniences of transport, day-care, schools, cafes & more.

The Problems

  • This quirky home is located on a steep block with a rainforest-like yard. The home offers modern elements like air-con, ceiling fans, google keyless entry etc. However, this is a younger family-like area and with no car accommodation or secure street-level storage, this home would be a hard sell to a family so we needed to build out a campaign that promoted its features as positive rather than focusing on the difficulties.

The Solutions

  • The campaign we designed was focused around creating an emotional sense of peace & lifestyle, yet still really close to transport, daycare schools & cafes. Although not fenced, we encourage applicants with pets to open up our market to a home of this style. We embraced the quirky feel & showcased it in the video & still photos & used buzz words in the editorial to encourage a certain type of tenant to inspect & apply, words like “sense of serenity & solitude “ & “A quiet location, yet effortlessly close to the modern-day conveniences of transport, day-care, schools, cafes & more” & “ This home is something special “. We attempted to set this home apart from its competitors and attracted the best tenant.

What we achieved & how

  • This landlord interviewed at least 3 agents before selecting my services. In fact, none of the other agents offered the level of marketing we do, nor did they believe in attracting a record price. The local agents appraised this home at $385-$400 per week. using our 10 Part Attraction Blue Print we were able to achieve $450 per week. That is an additional $2500 per annum more than the highest appraisal price of the local agents or a 12.5% higher return by choosing Rentfresh | Bespoke Management.

Floor Plan

2D Floor Plan View

3D Floor Plan View

Bespoke aerial property videography enjoys 15X deeper engagement
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Bespoke Results - Case Studies

  • Vacant for 8 wk's with Agent 1 at a loss of $3500
  • Rentfresh listed & leased this unit from the first open home
  • Rented 7x faster using Rentfresh than the sales based agency
  • First time rented in 40 years
  • Niche quality tenants secured in 5 days
  • Rented for $5,200 more p/a than the local's agents appraisal.
  • 3 months vacant at loss of $15,000 in rent with Agent 1
  • Listed & leased by Rentfresh in just 2 weeks
  • Rentfresh secured a high profile medical practitioner from interstate worth $70,200 p/a in rent.
  • 9.47% higher return than local agents appraisal
  • $2,340 more p/a choosing Rentfresh over a local sales-based agency
  • Leased first open home, high-quality professional tenant.
  • 29% per annum increase from last tenancy
  • Rentfresh generated an additional $11,900 p/a for our landlord.
  • A record rent achieved within 48 hrs.
  • 12.5% higher return than local agents appraisal
  • $2,600 per annum better off by selecting Rentfresh Bespoke as the agent
  • Leased from the first open home to high-quality tenant