Rentfresh was built from the ground up as a bespoke property management company

    A bespoke approach just for you, Rentfresh delivers results every time

    Our 10-Part Rentfresh Tenant Attraction Blueprint™
    (Yours Free - Save $996)

    Never again leave finding a tenant to chance.

    When you join Rentfresh, you’ll immediately benefit from Brisbane’s most sophisticated and bespoke property leasing program,here are 6 exciting cases studies:

    • Vacant for 8 wk's with Agent 1 at a loss of $3500
    • Rentfresh listed & leased this unit from the first open home
    • Rented 7x faster using Rentfresh than the sales based agency
    • First time rented in 40 years
    • Niche quality tenants secured in 5 days
    • Rented for $5,200 more p/a than the local's agents appraisal.
    • 3 months vacant at loss of $15,000 in rent with Agent 1
    • Listed & leased by Rentfresh in just 2 weeks
    • Rentfresh secured a high profile medical practitioner from interstate worth $70,200 p/a in rent.
    • 9.47% higher return than local agents appraisal
    • $2,340 more p/a choosing Rentfresh over a local sales-based agency
    • Leased first open home, high-quality professional tenant.
    • 29% per annum increase from last tenancy
    • Rentfresh generated an additional $11,900 p/a for our landlord.
    • A record rent achieved within 48 hrs.
    • 12.5% higher return than local agents appraisal
    • $2,600 per annum better off by selecting Rentfresh Bespoke as the agent
    • Leased from the first open home to high-quality tenant

    Appoint a second agent & eliminate vacancy, fast!

    Here are 6 case studies where the landlord appointed our services to list
    & lease their vacant property faster at no extra cost.

    • Agent one had it vacant for 3 wks costing the landlord $1,050 in vacancy.
    • Rentfresh listed and leased in 3 days
    • A bespoke campaign attracted the Niche Tenant this property needed - fast.
    • Major sales franchise causes 9 weeks vacancy at $1,100 p/w
    • Rentfresh engaged as second agent & creates a bespoke new campaign
    • Rentfresh secures quality tenant at $1,150 p/w with in 3 day + $2,500 p.a increase
    • Local agents appraised at $575 per week
    • Rentfresh secured $4,680 p/a above local agents
    • Quality tenant secured first open home
    • Local agent has 11 weeks / 77 days vacant
    • Rentfresh brings a new bespoke approach
    • Quality tenant secured within 6 days Vs 77 days
    • Low cost agent model cost -$3,000+ in vacancy
    • Sydney Landlord appoints Rentfresh Bespoke
    • Rentfresh increased p/a income by 25% and within 7 days of listing
    • Local agent leaves vacant for 6 weeks
    • Rentfresh appointed as second agent
    • Quality tenant secured first open + $20 above local agents price

    Michael Feletti

    Bespoke Agent

    Bespoke Agent to Landlords FAQs

    A few of the more common questions around bespoke management & dual listing. Anything you want to know that we haven’t covered here? Just give us a shout.

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